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LogBook Loans Provident Alliance Leicester - No Longer Affiliated is no longer affiliated with our site. But don't despair. We have partnered with some of the loan industry's largest and most customer friendly sites.

We encourage you to visit these outstanding sites:

Click here to apply for a Capital One Credit Card


Click here to visit Alliance and Leicester


Click here to visit Payday UK for loans between £80 and £500 is the company who gives 100% to every customer.

They shop around for the best possible loan to suit your needs and give every customer a level of service that is nothing but the very best.

You could borrow anything from £3,000 to £75,000 - for any purpose and if you consolidate your existing credit bills, you could reduce your monthly payments by £100s EVERY MONTH. have an excellent reputation for providing affordable finance with low monthly repayments.

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